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(413) 499-0294   FREE Shipping on Orders over $100

Too Busy to Bring Your Bike in for Service?
For your convenience, We now offer bicycle pickup and delivery services for bicycle maintenance and repairs!


If you live or work Pittsfield, Lanesborough, Dalton, Lenox or  Richmond, we'll come to you!
(Additional fees may apply if you live outside of a 10 mile radius.)

1. Call us at 413-499-0294 to schedule your pick up.
2. We pick up your bike(s) and bring them back to our shop.
3. Our mechanics will inspect your bicycle and provide you with repair recommendations.
4. We answer any questions you may have, and with your approval, we fix your bike!
5. We notify you when we're finished. You can pick up at the shop or we can deliver to you.

Sounds incredibly convenient, right? Call 413-499-0294 to schedule your bike repair pickup service today.