Ski & Snowboard Services

Another First for Plaine's & Berkshire County

For over 40 years, the tuning shop at Plaine's has delivered outstanding quality and service and this year, we’re making it even better.

We are proud to be Berkshire county’s only service shop with factory tuning capabilities. We have invested in a world class Wintersteiger stone grinding machine. Wintersteiger stone grinders are the machine of choice by most ski manufacturers and are renowned for their ability to produce that factory tune your skis came with. Wintersteiger stone grinders are utilized by many world cup ski tuning technicians and provide the best performing structure for any snow condition.  This means a better gliding and an easier turning ski. Come experience Plaine’s Performance & Fit Guarantee!

We Know Ski & Snowboard Tuning

Structure is king, and Plaine's can put a base structure on your skis or snowboard to match any snow conditions. From cross hatch to broken linear, we know that the right structure ensures a good glide into your transition, making you the best skier or snowboarder you can be.

At Plaine's we like to think of your skis and snowboards as ours. That's why club racers, Masters racers, ski patrollers, and ski and snowboard instructors trust Plaine's to tune their skis and snowboards too. So drop your skis and snowboards off with us and be on the snow with freshly tuned skis and sowboards the very next day.

Tune To Factory Spec. : $45 Tech Tune : $65 Base Repair & Wax Services Binding & Skate Services
Stone Ground Structured Base Stone Ground Structured Base Base Patch & Edge Section $50 - $100 Mounting $59
Factory Base & Side Edge Sharpening Custom Base & Side Edge Sharpening Base Repair $10 - $20 Binding Adjustment $29
Belt Wax Iron on Race Wax Iron on Race Wax $20 Skate Sharpening $10
Base Repair (excludes welds) Belt Wax $10

Stance Balancing and Custom Boot Fitting Lab

We are proud to announce Berkshire County’s only Stance Balancing Lab and Custom Boot Fitting.  Cold feet, cramps, hot spots, knee pain, even problems with over rotating or drifting skis can be the result of an unbalanced stance and poor boot fit. Comfort merely begins with a proper sized boot but real performance begins when a boot fitter analyzes your stance, biomechanics, alignment and skier-graphic then builds a balanced anatomical platform that provides you with a mechanical advantage and perfectly balanced stance.  Come experience our Performance Fit guarantee!

Our boot fitting master, Jeff Grella, has been boot fitting and building orthotics for over 30yrs.  Jeff’s experience as a board certified Pedorthist, ski instructor, race coach and Director of R&D for VANS Snow and Pro-Tec helmets & protective gear has inspired his lifelong passion for comfort and performance.  Jeff started his professional career as a ski instructor in Killington VT before becoming head YSL race coach in Breckenridge CO.  Spending 13yrs with 130+ days/yr in ski boots fueled Jeff’s passion for boot fitting and proper stance alignment.  His passion for comfort and performance led him to the footwear industry where he spent the next 20yrs in product development building running shoes for Reebok, Saucony, Vans Snow and Pro-Tec.  We welcome his return home to Berkshire County to share his passion for comfort and performance.  Call 413-499-0294 now to schedule your stance analysis and experience our Performance & Fit Guarantee!

Custom Stance Balancing

Custom Orthotic • Custom Liner Heat Molding • Anatomical Cuff Alignment


Stance Balancing

ALine customized insole • Cuff Alignment


Perfect Stance Canting Analysis


Custom Liner Heat Molding


Boot Shell Stretches and Grinding

$20 - $40