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Armada Ak Adjustable
Adjustable poles are the truth and the Armada AK Adjustable Ski Poles prove why. Whether you're inbounds ripping lift laps with your buddies or trudging deep into the backcountry, the huge 86-140 cm adjustment range lets you achieve an optimal length. If you're looking to enter the league of Alaska-proven riders, look no further than the Armada AK Adjustable Ski Poles.
Armada Carbon Adjustable
Earning your turns requires every ounce of energy, so shed some unnecessary weight and jump on the superior functionality of the Armada Carbon Adjustable Ski Poles. With an extended EVA grip, powder baskets, durable carbide tips, and carbon shafts these poles are thoughtfully designed for the dedicated backcountry enthusiast. Light, strong, and perfect for getting you to the goods. Product Details Shaft 16mm Carbon Upper 14mm Carbon Lower Adjustability Aluminum Locking Mechanism – 110 - 140cm Grip Extended EVA Foam Grip Basket Powder Basket 80mm Tip Carbide Tip Specs Material:Carbon Adjustable:Yes Basket Type:Powder Warranty:2 Years
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