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Atomic N Backland Tour

Atomic N Backland Tour
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The Atomic Backland Tour binding is a lightweight tech binding for the backcountry and comes with brakes – made to match our Atomic Backland skis.

The Atomic Backland Tour is a convenient and really lightweight tech binding for alpine touring. Like all Backland gear it’s incredibly durable and easy to use: it features a patented step-in aid at the front so your boot is automatically positioned to click in. Then two climbing aids work separately from the heel tower, so with one easy click you can choose between 0°, 7° and 13° positions. Performance-wise Backland Tour is exceptional, with a broad 40mm mounting for max power transmission on wide skis (this also cuts the risk of the screws pulling out). With brakes it weighs in at just 398g a pair, is compatible with standard crampons, and has a lengthy 50mm sole-length adjustment. Get ready to tour!

- Patented Step-in Aid
- Crampon Compatible
- Climbing Aid
- Touring Brakes
- Locking Brakes
- Crampon Backland 80/90/100/110mm