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Atomic Pro S1 + Prolink Pro SKate

Atomic Pro S1 + Prolink Pro SKate
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New to the sport? Keen to improve? The Atomic Pro S1 is the perfect skating ski for you.

The ever-popular Atomic Pro S1 is light, stable and perfect for ambitious newcomers to skating. It features an Easy Edge Sidecut to improve stability and control, while its broad geometry and double-grooved base generates strong and efficient push-offs and long, stable glides. With its High Densolite core this ski is also super easy to control. Want to get better quickly? You'll never look back once you go with the Pro!

- High Densolite: Densolite makes core light, stable and tough—this is a dynamic option for performance skiing.
- BI 1500
- Comfort Tip: A wider tip for more stability and better steering, ideal for beginners to intermediate skiers.
- Double Groove: Two grooves in the base generate easier steering and control, and an effortless skating experience.
- Easy Edge Sidecut: A parallel sidecut so it's easier to set your edge on the snow—for stability and steering control.

Understanding boot and binding compatibility can be complicated. NNN, SNS, or 3-Pin? What's the difference?

With multiple boot/binding standards designed for different applications and skier types, finding the right gear requires more knowledge and expertise than ever before.

Contact us to navigate your options and discover what's right for you.