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Tecnica Cochise 95 W DYN Alpine Touring

Tecnica Cochise 95 W DYN Alpine Touring
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The Tecnica Cochise 95 W DYN Alpine Touring Ski Boots are the ones to grab when you're headed out with your touring rig (or two pairs of skis) and aren't really sure what the day holds but you want to be ready for anything. Compatible with any binding from tech touring to full alpine, light enough for extended skinning but heavy enough to power through variable snow with ease, and with C.A.S. design features that make it easy to modify the fit, the Cochise 95 W is one of the most versatile boots on the market.

Product Details
Last: 99 mm – Performance average fit for people with normal width and volume feet.

C.A.S. Shell – Custom Adaptive Shape shells are anatomically formed around the heel and problem areas at the factory. Common punch zones are plainly marked with a dot grid pattern on the shell, and the new polyether and Triax 3.0 shell materials offer improved stability when heated.

C.A.S. Grindable Boot Board – The removable C.A.S. boot board offers plenty of thickness for grinding and a grid pattern for reference.

Women's Specific Cuff Design – The structure and construction of the upper part of the liner are shaped to ensure perfect adaptation to the female calf.

Flex: 95 – A stiff flex for advanced skiers who require quick rebound and ski response for steeper terrain.

C.A.S. Ultrafit W Liner – Thin and responsive pre-formed liner offers superior performance and fit. Uses a microcell material that is pre-shaped to the anatomy of the foot. The microcell is also easy to customize and has a low pack-out rate over time.

Celliant Insulation – Celliant, available on the Mach1 and Mach Sport series, is powered by 13 thermo-reactive minerals that convert body heat into infrared energy. Infrared penetrates deep into the tissue to increase circulation, oxygen and blood flow. This results in improved performance, thermal regulation and faster recovery.

Thermoforming Collar

Shell Materials
Power Light Design – Bi-injected polyether frame that is 30% thinner and 2.5 times stiffer than conventional boot material which results in 18% weight savings without loss in performance.

Shell – C.A.S. Bi-Injected Polyether/Polyester

Cuff – Women's Specific Bi-Injected Triax 3.0

12.5° Forward Lean

3.5° Ramp Angle

Ski/Walk Mode
Mobility Cuff – Tecnica's redesigned walk mode features a 42° range of leg movement, a super smooth pivot action, and metal-to-metal contact in the locking mechanism. The new S.A.S (Self-Adjusting System) tightens the locking action as the metal wears to eliminate play.

4 Extra Light Full Alu Screwed Buckles with Extendable Hiking Catch

Lift Lock – Innovative Lift Lock system holds the buckles up and out of the way so they don't catch while getting in or out of your boots.

Power Strap
45 mm Velcro Strap

ISO 5355 Bi-Material Alpine Sole with Vibram Rubber

Dynafit Certified Tech Fittings

GripWalk Soles Available Separately

Additional Features
Aqua Stop Water Protection – Water protection system with bi-material double ridge structure.

Ability Level:Advanced-Expert

Includes Tech Fittings:Yes
Touring UsedFor:Burly
Ski Boot Flex:Stiff

Forefoot Width:99 mm
Liner Type:Semi-Custom
Flex Index:95
Number of Buckles:4
Boot Sole Type:Alpine DIN (ISO 5355), Tech
Warranty:2 Years
Size 22.5 23.5 24.5 25.5 26.5
Indiv. Boot Weight (g) 1685
Boot Sole Length (BSL) (mm) 275 275 285 295 305