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Custom Ski Boot Fitting & Stance Balancing Lab

We are proud to announce Berkshire County‚Äôs only Custom Boot Fitting and Stance Balancing Lab.  Cold feet, cramps, hot spots, knee pain, even problems with over rotating or drifting skis can be the result of an unbalanced stance and poor boot fit. Comfort merely begins with a proper sized boot but real performance begins when a boot fitter analyzes your stance, bio-mechanics, alignment and skier-graphic then builds a balanced anatomical platform that provides you with a mechanical advantage and perfectly balanced stance.  Come experience our Performance Fit guarantee!

Best Value

Custom Boot Fitting and Stance Balancing Package $129

  • Customized 3-Arch Concept Footbeds
  • Custom Liner Heat Molding
  • Anatomical Cuff Alignment

Arch Supports & Footbeds

The top 3-Arch Concept model with full-shell technology and dampening element. Your feet are going to love you.

  • Customized 3-Arch  Footbeds - $79
  • 3-Arch Concept Footbeds - $49

Custom Molding and Shell Adjustments

  • Anatomical Cuff Alignment - $39
  • Custom Liner Heat Molding - $39

Come on in, we'll show your feet some love...

Gear Up for the Slopes

Refresh your essential snow gear while you're getting your skis or snowboard ready for the season. We have an excellent selection of helmets, goggles, and more from top brands. Shop online and pickup your items for free on your next shop visit.