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Plaine's Snow Sports Bonus Package

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The Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 100 Ski Boots are a softer flexing version of the flagship XTD 130 for mellower or lighter skiers who favor a little more forgiveness from their boots. With a polyurethane cuff and a slightly heavier Memory Fit 3D Silver liner, the XTD 100 is still plenty light for long days on the skintrack, and packs the progressive downhill performance you've come to expect from Atomic alpine boots. Traction is tremendous with Skywalk WTR soles, and Dynafit-certified tech inserts mean reliable performance with your choice of touring bindings.
Full Tilt Seth Morrison Pro
For over 20 years, being one of the best big mountain skiers in the world demands the highest level of trust and confidence in your equipment. This is why Seth Morrison has been skiing the same boot his entire career. With an all new 10-flex, this is our stiffest boot for the power and response required by Seth.
Salomon MTN Explore Alpine Touring Ski Boots
The Salomon MTN Explore Alpine Touring Ski Boots were our top-selling touring boot last spring, and for good reason. A combination of a reasonably light weight and excellent ski-ability matched by outstanding touring performance and a simple, reliable design convinced many of our customers to go "explore." For 2018, the boot remains the same except for colorway (now saffron rather than white). For those with narrower than average feet, the 98 mm last is among the slimmest in this class; for wider feet the MTN Explore Alpine Touring Ski Boots' Grilamid shell can be easily punched by an experienced boot fitter.
Salomon MTN Explore Alpine Touring Ski Boots Women's
There are tech boots out there with uncompromising uphill capacity, and there are alpine boots with tech inserts. And then there are the Salomon MTN Explore W Alpine Touring Ski Boots. Coming in with a true-to-rating flex of 90, an insanely articulated walk mode, and incredible skiing performance, the MTN Explore W Alpine Touring Boots transfer all of the downhill capabilities required to handle a day of in-bounds resort-bashing to a pair of uphill machines. No longer do you have to sacrifice on one end of the spectrum thanks to the all-new women's specific Salomon MTN Explore W Alpine Touring Ski Boots.
Salomon QST Access 90
Salomon brings backcountry flexibility and walking comfort to the wide last category with the Salomon QST Access 90 Ski Boots. A roomy 104 mm last and Salomon s dependable Hike & Ride walk mode give you the room to let your high volume foot relax and smooth range of motion for hiking or skinning. A versatile 90 flex is suitable for skiers from intermediate level and up.
Salomon QST Pro 100
Push your skiing boundaries with the Salomon QST Pro 100 Ski Boots. With their mid-stiff flex and revolutionary EndoFit technology that introduces a fluid-flexing inner tongue to a two-piece shell design, you'll get consistent power transmission regardless of how hard you push yourself. Whether the skiing is bumpy and blown out or you've just pushed out into the backcountry and are staring down a pristine line, you'll stay calm, collected, and ready thanks to the ultra-versatile Salomon QST Pro 100 Ski Boots.
Salomon QST Pro 110 W
The ultimate hybrid boot for hard skiing women, Quest Pro 110W is light weight, totally customizable and provides great range of motion for hiking or touring, with women's specific fit
Salomon QST Pro 110 Women's
You've got the baddest pair of skis on the market, a standing date with first tram, and your eye's on taking on the entire mountain. So why are you still limping through the day in your blown-out plug race boots from college? Upgrade to the women's specific Salomon QST Pro 110 W Ski Boots. Fully moldable in both the liner and shell to accommodate a wide range of feet, and featuring a stiff but fluid flex (thanks to the all-new EndoFit Tongue), the QST Pro 110 Ws will be your partners in crime in all conditions. And when the resort gets tracked out and you decide to go tackle a sidecountry hike, flip the Surelock mechanism over to walk and make your way to your secret stash. First tracks are reserved for those who come prepared. In the Salomon QST Pro 110 W Ski Boots, you'll be ready to take it all on and come back for seconds.
Salomon QST Pro 120
Dive into the unknown with confidence in the Salomon QST Pro 120 Ski Boots. Featuring an intuitive, free-flexing EndoFit tongue -- combining the fluid, continuous flex of a three-piece with the strength and resilience of traditional boot design -- the QST Pro 120s offer the stability and performance to take you all over the mountain and back with ease. Toss in a comfortable, heat-moldable liner and 360° Custom Shell and have the confidence that you'll be able to adjust these to perfection for comfortable and happy days on the mountain. And when the backcountry is calling, swap out the alpine soles for tech soles, drop the boot into walk mode, and venture well beyond the gates.
Salomon QST Pro 90 Women's
Step into something a little more forgiving without sacrificing performance in the Salomon QST Pro 90 W Ski Boots. Thanks to the innovative EndoFit Tongue, you'll enjoy consistent flex without "the fold," and the extra-handy Surelock walk-mode mechanism will come in handy on the bootpack and at the après spot. Keep the dogs from barking -- with a moldable shell and liner that can accommodate a wide range of foot shapes -- and get the all-day comfort you crave and permanence you need in the QST Pro 90 W Ski Boots from Salomon
Salomon QST Pro Touring Tech Pads
Looking to make your new QST Pro ski boots compatible with tech bindings? Then slap on the Salomon QST Pro Touring Tech Pads and make your dream tour a reality! PRODUCT DETAILS COMPATIBILITY Compatible with Salomon QST Pro Ski Boots Tech / ISO 9523 Ski Boot Soles
Salomon S/Lab MTN Alpine Touring Ski Boots
A badass touring boot that many top skiers have been using as their alpine boot as well (it's that comfortable), the Salomon S/Lab MTN Alpine Touring Ski Boots (they've made a slight name change from last season's MTN Lab) returns with a lightly revised colorway. Legit downhill performance on a level of most 120 flex alpine boots, a smooth low profile walk mode, and two-buckle simplicity that doesn't sacrifice heel hold are some of the reasons this boot caught fire, and they haven't changed. Now there's no reason to suffer sloppy, lackadaisical downhill performance when you've worked so hard to get up there - get the Salomon S/Lab MTN and change your life for the better.
Salomon T2
An easy to use, comfortable and warm Junior boot that keeps kids happy so they keep skiing
Salomon T2 RT
We all remember our first time in ski boots: "You want me to get my foot inside that thing?" Thanks to new technology and a fully revolutionized fit, your little boy won't have to endure those long-ago woes of ski boot wearing when you invest in the Salomon Team T2 RT Ski Boots. A youth last provides ample room for comfort, while a forgiving 20 flex is ideal for learning. Throw in a lightweight shell and an 18 mm oversized pivot, ensuring he'll benefit from increased control when he starts edging, and it's easy to see why the Salomon Team T2 RT Ski Boots are the ski boot of choice for so many families looking to help their little ones fall in love with the sport.
Salomon T3
Comfortable, warm boot designed to help young skiers improve
Salomon T3 RT
They say an artist should never blame his tools, but that logic doesn't cut it when when you're in the habit of demoing your kid a different set of ski boots every winter. When he's ready to progress and those blown-out rental boots aren't making the grade, invest in the Salomon Team T3 RT Ski Boots and watch his confidence soar. A forgiving 30 Jr flex is perfect for learning, while a youth last promises comfort and support all at the same time. Throw in Salomon s fur-lined Thermicfit Liners and an 18 mm oversized pivot and your shredder-in-training will be dominating those edge-to-edge transitions in no time.
Salomon X Access 60 Wide Women's
New skiers need a boot they can wear comfortably right away so they can concentrate on the mechanics of a new sport and not on how much their feet hurt. Enter the Salomon X Access 60 Wide Ski Boots, a boon for people with wider and higher volume feet, or those not accustomed to the constraining fit of ski boots. With a 104 mm wide last, a special women's specific cuff and liner, and flex zones in the toe box and calf area, this boot is just what the doctor ordered for wide feet and large calves. Make your learning curve a happy and pain-free one with the X Access 60 Wide.
Salomon X Access 80 Wide
When even the "wide" 102 mm lasted boots feel tight on your feet, it's time to break out the big gun, the Salomon X Access 80 Wide Ski Boots. Great for new or intermediate skiers with very wide and high volume feet, the X Access Wide has a specially designed liner with expansion zones at the metatarsal areas and cuff to accommodate wide forefeet and large calves. Bootmakers are constantly expanding their range of wider boots, and Salomon s X Access Wide 80 is at the top of the list
Salomon X Max 110 Women's
The Salomon X Max 110 Ski Boots have been Salomon s best selling expert level women's boot for some time now, and they're back for 2018. A snug 98 mm last combined with Salomon s 360° Custom Shell heat molding technology provide a precise, close to the shell fit that transfers every bit of energy to your skis. This is serious performance you can feel, without having to endure the rigors of fitting a plug boot - check out the X Max 110 and see for yourself how comfortable top line boot performance can be.
Salomon X Max 120
The Salomon X Max 120 Ski Boots are the rare narrow-lasted high performance boot that blend outstanding comfort with razor sharp performance. The combination of Salomon s Custom Shell heat molding process and an exceptionally well-designed liner system provide personalized comfort in less than half an hour. Performance is assured by the Twinframe2 lower shell, which uses a stiffer polyamide lower and oversized 24 mm pivots to guarantee optimal power transmission. If you're looking for all-day comfort in a boot that will stomp the biggest lines and drive the burliest skis, take it to the "Max" this season in the X Max 120.
Salomon X Max 120 Women's
A perennial top-seller in the men's expert level alpine boot category, the Salomon X Max 120 Ski Boots have made their way to the women's side of the boot aisle for the first time, catering to the fastest, baddest ladies out there. Those with a narrow foot may find the fit perfect straight out of the box, and for the rest of us there's the 360° Custom Shell heat molding option, which custom shapes the shell and liner while you wait. The 120 flex is the absolute top end for non-plug expert level skiers who who want the absolute best in responsiveness and power.
Salomon X Max 70 Women's
It's hard to find a softer flexing ski boot that's designed to fit a narrow foot - for some reason, most beginner to intermediate boots are on the wider side. The Salomon X Max 70 Ski Boots, on the other hand, are just such a boot. A forgiving 70 flex is matched with a narrow 98 mm last with great heel hold, so narrow-footed ladies won't find themselves swimming in their boots as they work to master the mechanics of the sport. If your foot is on the slender side, don't settle for a wide "comfort" boot; the X Max 70 will provide the same level of comfort and vastly superior skiing performance.
Salomon X Max 90 Women's
The Salomon X Max 90 Ski Boots provides the great fit and comfort of the stiffer X Max models, with the same Twinframe technology and 24 mm oversized pivots, but in a flex that mere mortals can be comfortable with. Maybe you don't ski quite like the pros, but there's no reason you can't benefit from the same features found in their boots. The X Max 90 is designed to fit a moderately narrow foot, but with Salomon s remarkable Custom Shell heat molding system can be made to fit a wide variety of foot shapes comfortably.
Salomon X Pro 100
The Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boots are consistently the best-selling intermediate-to-advanced alpine boots in the nation, and for good reason -- comfort. In the X Pro 100 from Salomon you get all of the performance features you need without having to fight a too-stiff boot. At a silky smooth 100 flex, the Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boots will allow you to venture into deep snow, blast through crud, and rail on the groomers without feeling out of control or getting tossed in the backseat.
Salomon X Pro 100 Women's
The Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boots are an advanced skier's dream, with a stiff enough but not overwhelming forward flex and the world's most popular 100 mm fit. Add the custom fit options of Salomon s 360° Custom Shell heat molding process, and you've got a huge range of fitting potential. The 100 flex is a great compromise for advanced women skiers who split their time equally between groomed and off-piste skiing.
Salomon X Pro 120
If you're an all-mountain expert who digs performance but is over super stiff plug boots that remind you of your racing days, then the Salomon X Pro 120 Boots have your name written all over them. Stacked with performance features and a healthy, stiff-but-not-overwhelming flex, you'll arc turns, blast pillows, and tip in with confidence in even the most hairy conditions. Ditch those old clunkers and step into the high-performing, unremitting Salomon X Pro 120 Boots. The mountain is ripe for the taking, and you're in the driver's seat.
Salomon X Pro 90 Women's
The responsive Salomon X Pro 90 W Ski Boots perfectly bridge the gap between all-day comfort and all-mountain performance. With just-stiff-enough advanced-level flex and a customizable heat moldable shell, the X Pro 90 Ws are tailored to aggressive, all-mountain performance. Rail groomers, take to the chop, and get submersed in the deep white with sheer confidence and control. And thanks to the women's specific calf adjuster and liner, you can adjust the cuff shape for optimal fit.
Salomon X-LAB 110+
High performance race boot incoproating Twinframe technology to combine superior transmision and power with unmatched foot wrapping for maximum on-piste performance.
Salomon X-Lab 130+
Top level race boot incorporating Twinframe technology to combine superior transmission and power with unmatched foot wrapping for maximum on-piste performance
Salomon X-Max 60T
Performance technology designed to help kids ski better, X-Max 60T uses an Oversize Pivot to deliver lateral transmission, while maintaining a progressive flex for kids, with improved comfort and ease of use so they'll love their boots
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