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The Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 100 Ski Boots are a softer flexing version of the flagship XTD 130 for mellower or lighter skiers who favor a little more forgiveness from their boots. With a polyurethane cuff and a slightly heavier Memory Fit 3D Silver liner, the XTD 100 is still plenty light for long days on the skintrack, and packs the progressive downhill performance you've come to expect from Atomic alpine boots. Traction is tremendous with Skywalk WTR soles, and Dynafit-certified tech inserts mean reliable performance with your choice of touring bindings.
Salomon MTN Explore Alpine Touring Ski Boots
The Salomon MTN Explore Alpine Touring Ski Boots were our top-selling touring boot last spring, and for good reason. A combination of a reasonably light weight and excellent ski-ability matched by outstanding touring performance and a simple, reliable design convinced many of our customers to go "explore." For 2018, the boot remains the same except for colorway (now saffron rather than white). For those with narrower than average feet, the 98 mm last is among the slimmest in this class; for wider feet the MTN Explore Alpine Touring Ski Boots' Grilamid shell can be easily punched by an experienced boot fitter.
Salomon MTN Explore Alpine Touring Ski Boots Women's
There are tech boots out there with uncompromising uphill capacity, and there are alpine boots with tech inserts. And then there are the Salomon MTN Explore W Alpine Touring Ski Boots. Coming in with a true-to-rating flex of 90, an insanely articulated walk mode, and incredible skiing performance, the MTN Explore W Alpine Touring Boots transfer all of the downhill capabilities required to handle a day of in-bounds resort-bashing to a pair of uphill machines. No longer do you have to sacrifice on one end of the spectrum thanks to the all-new women's specific Salomon MTN Explore W Alpine Touring Ski Boots.
Salomon QST Pro Touring Tech Pads
Looking to make your new QST Pro ski boots compatible with tech bindings? Then slap on the Salomon QST Pro Touring Tech Pads and make your dream tour a reality! PRODUCT DETAILS COMPATIBILITY Compatible with Salomon QST Pro Ski Boots Tech / ISO 9523 Ski Boot Soles
Salomon S/Lab MTN Alpine Touring Ski Boots
A badass touring boot that many top skiers have been using as their alpine boot as well (it's that comfortable), the Salomon S/Lab MTN Alpine Touring Ski Boots (they've made a slight name change from last season's MTN Lab) returns with a lightly revised colorway. Legit downhill performance on a level of most 120 flex alpine boots, a smooth low profile walk mode, and two-buckle simplicity that doesn't sacrifice heel hold are some of the reasons this boot caught fire, and they haven't changed. Now there's no reason to suffer sloppy, lackadaisical downhill performance when you've worked so hard to get up there - get the Salomon S/Lab MTN and change your life for the better.
Tecnica Zero G Guide
Compared to the Pro version, the Tecnica Zero G Guide Ski Boots add a few more grams and have a different liner, coming in at a stated 110 flex (though testers have found it very similar to the "130 flex" Guide Pro). Supremely versatile, with the potential to be a one-boot quiver for skiers who split their ski time between lifts and touring, the Tecnica Zero G Guide Ski Boots proved a winner in their inaugural season and deserve consideration.
Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro
The Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro Ski Boots were a huge success last season, and they're back with minor tweaks for 2018. A switch to Grilamid plastic for the shells should make your bootfitter happy if you need punches, but otherwise the boot remains the giant killer that so many backcountry skiers fell in love with in 2017. Ultra light at 1580 grams in a 26.5, the Zero G Guide Pro is strong enough to drive the biggest skis out there while remaining supple enough for BC skinning laps. A great solution for those looking for a boot stiff enough to ski inbounds yet light enough for adventurous touring.
Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro Women's
The ante gets upped in 2018 with the new Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro Ski Boots for women. Ultra light, but checking in at a 115 flex, this Grilamid-shelled crossover boot is just the ticket for the hard charging backcountry-loving woman who wants a light but powerful boot with touring capability. Modeled on the hugely successful men's version that debuted in 2017, the Zero G Guide Pro W incorporates a free-hinging walk mode, ISO 9523 touring sole, and super light moldable liner. If you spent last season cursing your guy friends who had the bright yellow Zero G because they didn't offer a women's version, this year is all you.
Tecnica Zero G Guide W Women's
Our number one request from expert level skiers transitioning to sidecountry and backcountry skiing is for a single boot that skis like a "real" alpine boot yet has good touring mobility. Combining two disparate functions has been a little tough until now, but the new Tecnica Zero G Guide W Ski Boots fill the need like nothing has to date. Light enough and with a better walk mode than any of the "crossover" boot competition, the Zero G Guide W is nimble enough for aggressive day touring and still skis like a stiff alpine boot should. If you're in the market for this type of boot, check out the Zero G Guide W Ski Boots before you pull the trigger - you'll regret it if you don't.
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