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Plaine's Snow Sports Bonus Package

  • FREE MOUNTING on all Ski & Binding Packages ($59 value).
  • Unlimited FREE TUNE-UP's for a year. ($240 value).
  • Plaine's exclusive PERFORMANCE & FIT GUARANTEE.
  • Get 5% back in REWARD DOLLARS from all your purchases.
  • Have peace of mind with Plaine's PRICE PROTECTION.
Armada Legion JR
Made for the young bloods who are skiing just as hard as their elders, the Armada Legion Jr Ski Poles offer great value with a lightweight 5083 aluminum build and a 16mm shaft.
Armada Triad
The triad of success ain't complicated: 1) pole plants, 2) pole plants, and 3) pole plants. Stab snow with the Armada Triad Ski Poles and experience success without breaking the bank.
Armada Triad Women's
Listen up, ladies! The triad of success ain't complicated: 1) pole plants, 2) pole plants, and 3) pole plants. Stab snow with the Armada Triad Ski Poles and experience success without breaking the bank.
Line Skis Tac
Stick 'em in the snow and go! The Line Skis Tac Ski Poles are an affordable set of pointy sticks that get the job done with their durable construction and swaggy retro vibes.
Line Skis Hairpin Women's
The Line Skis Hairpin Ski Poles ensure a balanced day at the ski hill thanks to light and sturdy 6061 aluminum shafts, adjustable straps and a handy dandy grab tab.
Line Skis Pin
Arya Stark once said "stick 'em with the pointy end," which also applies to the Line Skis Pin Ski Poles so long as "them" = snow. Close enough, we'd say. Their solid aluminum construction, grippy BMX-style grips and handy dandy grab tabs keep these poles in the palm of your hand at all times, because we all know Winter is Coming and that snow isn't gonna poke itself...
Armada Legion Women's
Join the legion of distinguished lady-shredders with the Armada Legion Ski Poles. With an interchangeable basket system and both 85mm and 100mm baskets included, the Legion Ski Poles are all you need to roll up to the resort 100% ready to rock.
Line Skis Wallischtick
Tom Wallisch's signature ski poles, the Line Skis Wallischtick Ski Poles keep it gritty with BMX grips, swappable baskets and simple, effective velcro adjustable straps.
Line Skis Chopstick
Whether you've mastered the art of eating with chopsticks or not, the Line Skis Chopstick Ski Poles are simple, durable poles that come with easily swapped all mountain and powder baskets. Built with a composite shaft and extra grippy snake grips, the Line Skis Chopstick Ski Poles let you chop it up with the best of 'em.
Line Skis Pollard's Paintbrush
Artist and athlete Eric Pollard fused backcountry versatility with one of his classic pieces to create the Line Skis Pollard's Paintbrush Ski Poles. Adjustable aluminum shafts make the Paintbrush Poles ideal for both backcountry and all-mountain use, while the BMX-style grips and velcro straps set these apart from the more traditional pointy sticks out there. PRODUCT DETAILS SHAFT 7075 Aluminum ADJUSTABILITY 100 - 130 cm / 40 - 52" GRIP 25mm BMX STRAP Grab Tab Velcro Strap BASKET Screwoff™ 60 & 90mm Baskets TIP Pozi-Drive Tip for Quick Binding Adjustments
Armada Ak Adjustable
Adjustable poles are the truth and the Armada AK Adjustable Ski Poles prove why. Whether you're inbounds ripping lift laps with your buddies or trudging deep into the backcountry, the huge 86-140 cm adjustment range lets you achieve an optimal length. If you're looking to enter the league of Alaska-proven riders, look no further than the Armada AK Adjustable Ski Poles.
Armada Carbon T.L. Adjustable
So let us get this straight... You've got an ultra lightweight touring setup, you've cut off the handle of your toothbrush, and your 3L outerwear kit weights in at less than 1000 grams, yet you're still lugging those traditional aluminum ski poles with you on tours? It's about time you graduated to the refreshingly light and responsive feel of the Armada Carbon T.L. Adjustable Ski Poles. Thoroughly designed with handy XL Foam Touring Grips and an updated Power Lock 3.0 adjustment system, these full carbon snow-stabbers aren't merely poles, they're an essential part of an efficient backcountry arsenal.
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