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Plaine's Snow Sports Bonus Package

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Armada ARV 106
The Armada ARV 106 Skis are the ultimate daily driver when it comes to more surfy all-mountain freestyle skis. A playful Pop-Lite core is enhanced with the responsive "springiness" and longevity of carbon-Kevlar® struts which strikes a dreamy balance of lightweight performance. Perfect for slaying overnight refreshes, these skis also perform admirably well surfing through the park, airing off side hits and just about everything in between. Lay your claim to every jib and natural feature your mountain has to offer with the Armada ARV 106 Skis -- they can truly do it all!
Armada ARV 116 JJ
The third generation of the cult-classic JJ has arrived by way of the Armada ARV 116 JJ Skis! How do you improve on what's already one of the most prolific powder skis in the game? A culmination of feedback from the first 2 iterations of JJs has led Armada to move the contact point behind the ski's widest point in order to create more consistent turn initiation in deep snow. What's more, they've also implemented a new 3D base technology called Smear Tech that delivers the smoothest, most surf-like experience yet. Whether you're looking for dedicated pow sticks or you're bringing a freestyle approach to bigger, natural terrain, the revamped Armada ARV 116 JJ Skis will undoubtedly bring some mad, mad steeze to your snow sliding endeavors!
Armada ARV 86
The Armada ARV 86 Skis are the narrowest ski in the ARV lineup, which allows for incredible edge control and low swing weight for park-crushing performance. A true twin tip weapon, the ARV 86 Skis give you the confidence to ride switch, spin fast, and get creative on features without worrying about whether your skis can keep up. Sure, fat and surfy skis have their place, but there's no doubt that these Armada ARV 86 Skis are a classic freestyle ski that is here to stay.
Armada ARV 96
Every skier needs that one weapon in their arsenal that they can turn to in between major storm cycles - if you have the Armada ARV 96 Skis at your disposal, you'll never be disappointed. Narrow enough to provide precision control through the park yet wide enough to ski virtually anything else beyond, the ARV 96 boasts a fun AR Freestyle Rocker with a moderate flex rate throughout that makes it poppy and playful whether you're skiing forwards or switch. Detailed with low swing weight Spin Tips and extra burly 2.5mm edges to stymie the blow of rails and natural jibs, the Armada ARV 96 Skis are just what you need to capitalize on the common conditions of the resort.
Armada ARW 96
From jumps, to jibs, to popping off rollers and moguls, the Armada ARW 96 Skis can ride it all with a fun and playful feel. A true twin shape and AR Freestyle rocker profile make these skis equally responsive riding forward or switch, while the lightweight Pop-Lite core and Carbon-Kevlar struts give them a unique blend of maneuverability and stability. Get yourself a pair of the all-mountain/freestyle Armada ARW 96 Skis and you'll never have to worry whether or not you brought the right skis for the day.
Armada BDOG
If you take the soft, buttery flex that everyone loves about the Edollo and place it in a narrower, lighter chassis, you've got the Armada BDog Skis. Designed to meet the demands of Phil Casabon's oh-so-saucy style, the BDog Skis embrace creativity like no other. In order to withstand the abuses of urban and park skiing, these skis feature extra beefy 2.5mm Impact Edges and resiliently 'poppy' carbon-Kevlar® struts running the length of the core. Be inspired, be creative and blaze your own stylistic trail with the Armada BDog Skis.
For years, your options for backcountry travel have fallen into two categories: uphill priority and downhill priority. For many of us, sacrificing uphill performance for a solid, hard charging, slash heavy experience on the way down was worth the slog. But then skis like the Armada Declivity hit the market. Utilizing an ultra light core for the way up, two sheets of metal and carbon stringers for the way down, and a healthy dose of nose rocker for pow, and you'll be wondering why you've been wandering in the woods on your oversized pow skis for so long. Take to the skin track with speed and agility without having to tiptoe your way back to the car on the Armada Declivity Skis.
Armada EDollo
Swedish visionary Henrik Harlaut (aka E-Dollo) is a strong believer in the phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." (In Swedish, we think it's pronounced "Wu-Tang"...) That's why the the Armada Edollo Skis blast into 17/18 with a fresh new goblin topsheet but the same great construction that's made them a cult classic for 5 years running! From technical urban rails to smooth hip transfers and all the buttery goodness in between, the Edollo Skis were built for nothing short of a furious freestyle mountain assault. Ride the exact same sticks that make Henrik's style-heavy skiing possible and pick up the Armada Edollo Skis!
Armada Invictus 108 TI
Back for their sophomore year, the Armada Invictus 108 Ti Skis are lighter and more lively than the originals. Combining a stiff Power-Lite core with the dampening benefits of dual-layer Titanal, the Invictus 108 Ti Skis are partial to steep lines and high speeds. Charge through chunder, hit drops with confidence, and develop trust in your skis like never before. If you're an aggressive skier who wants their equipment to keep up, click into the Armada Invictus 108 Ti Skis and redefine your realm of possibilities -- no terrain or conditions are off limits!
Armada Invictus 85
As the narrowest and most forgiving ski in the Invictus lineup, the Armada Invictus 85 Skis let you navigate moguls and explore the full extent of the mountain with quick and nimble control. Lightweight thanks to a Power-Lite core and Carbon Kevlar Struts for snap, along with a dab of nose rocker for maneuverability in variable conditions, the Invictus 85s let you adventure the mountain with composure. Intermediate to advanced skiers will appreciate the reliable and effortless ski experience the Armada Invictus 85 Skis bring to the table.
Armada Invictus 95
The Armada Invictus 95 Skis harness the same energy and power of their Titanal-infused brothers (Invictus Ti) but ditch the two sheets of metal to create a more playful, engaging feel. For lighter weight skiers and/or riders looking for all-mountain skis that are less demanding to ride, these skis are your ticket to freedom. At 95mm underfoot with a versatile, easy-turning AR Nose Rocker, the Armada Invictus 95 Skis are an excellent one-ski quiver that'll leave you grinning from ear to ear.
Armada Invictus 99 TI
Back for their second year of all-mountain domination, the 2017/2018 Armada Invictus 99 Ti Skis feature an overhauled core construction that's even lighter and more lively than their award-winning predecessor. To achieve this, Armada has integrated the Titanal laminate with a new Intelligrid Mesh. If you're on the hunt for an all-mountain charger with the waist width to transition effortlessly from hard-pack to freshies, look closely at the Armada Invictus 99 Ti Skis.
Armada JJ 2.0
Send those cat track jumps, dive into your hidden pillow stash, and open it up on the bigger faces on the Armada JJ 2.0 Skis. The ski that cemented Armada as a major player in the field of freestyle pow skis is back yet again with a 117 mm waist (at 185 cm length), its signature aggressive taper, and tight turning radius. Air things out, charge fast in deep snow, and turn the whole mountain into your terrain park on the Armada JJ 2.0 Skis. Plus they've got a llama scrawled across the topsheet, which is pretty rad!
Armada KIRTI
Start your little one off on the right path with the Armada Kirti Skis. A soft, consistent flex is paired with a short turn radius to create an active skiing experience that lends itself to development and progression. If your little girl is dead set on progressing beyond the groomers and yearns to be on the peaks with the big dogs, set her up right to hang with the best of them on the Armada Kirti.
Armada Kufo 103
Expand your horizons; earn your turns; go on a walk; insert another trope for backcountry touring here. With the explosion in backcountry skiing, companies like Armada are heeding the call with the Kufo 103. With a versatile 103 mm waist, super lightweight carbon core layup, and carbon Kevlar struts for torsional rigidity, the Armada Kufo 103 Skis blast through chop and arc in pow, all while giving you a leg up on the skin track.
Armada Magic J
If you haven't heard of Tanner Hall then stop everything you're doing and enlighten yourself. Crafted as the world's most premier powder slayers, the Armada Magic J Skis shred the deepest of the deeps and the steepest of the steeps on the realest of real mountains. To facilitate steering, the Magic J Skis feature Freeride Elf Shoe Technology, bringing the widest points of the ski back from the tips and tails. Not only does this make these 127mm behemoths pleasantly maneuverable in tight situations, but it also makes soft snow turns extra smooth and surfy. Experience powder skiing in a whole new light and rule the white room like a lion with the highly touted Armada Magic J Skis
Armada Tantrum
Crafted for the next generation of all-mountain chargers, the Armada Tantrum Skis have the girth to slay powder, the easy turn initiation to navigate tight alpine trees, and a lightweight freeride feel to land cork 3's. Made with Armada s fast S7 base and a durable cap construction, the Armada Tantrum Skis are a ski that serious young shredders will absolutely love.
Armada Trace 108
As the widest ski in the new women's specific Trace Series, the Armada Trace 108 Skis are designed for the modern gal who wants a touring-friendly ski that can still rip in bounds and maximize fun on pow days. Balancing a light overall weight with versatile performance, these shred sticks leverage a Hybrid Ultra-Lite core and Armada s famous EST Freeride Rocker shaping. Plus, to aid with the retention of climbing skins, the Trace 108 Skis feature I-Clip tails. Why juggle a whole quiver of skis when you can have one that does it all?
Armada Trace 98
With the Armada Trace 98 Skis you get incredibly versatile performance in a lightweight, touring-friendly package. Designed with a hybrid core that blends a responsive flex with minimal heft, the Trace 98s offer easy maneuverability on both climbs and descents. I-Clip tails aid with climbing skins while the EST All-Mtn Rocker provides a stable edge when you need it and easy steering when things get spicy. Whether you're touring into new zones or linking lift-assisted laps at the resort, the Armada Trace 98 Skis ensure you'll come away with a smile on your face.
Armada Tracer 108
Take the love child of the Kufo 108 and the Norwalk, add serious design upgrades, and you get an impressively light build that's built for hard-charging in off-piste conditions. Blurring the lines between big mountain freeride and alpine touring, the Armada Tracer 108 Skis leave little to be desired on the downhill, fit for an everyday quiver of one or that mid-winter touring ski setup you've been dreaming up. Relatively stiff in flex with a versatile EST Freeride Rocker line and fast, easy to maintain Comp bases, the Armada Tracer 108 Skis were built for the new-age freerider.
Armada Tracer 118 CHX
Brand spanking new for the 2017/2018 season, we introduce the Armada Tracer 118 CHX Skis! Ushering in a new wave of big mountain performance, these skis offer a similar outline to the ever popular JJ but are stiffer and more directionally inclined, a setup aggressive, hard-charging skiers will rightfully covet. Under the hood, the Tracer 118 CHX boasts a slew of cutting edge tech -- from Titanal binding reinforcement to Armada s Xrystal Mesh layup and a Hybrid Ultra-Lite core. Combined, these materials provide the Armada Tracer 118 CHX Skis with a smooth yet remarkably weight-efficient ride you can lay some serious smackdown with.
Armada Tracer 88
With the Tracer 88 Skis, Armada is officially entering the ultralight touring game! Cut with an 88mm waist width and Armada s snow-shedding Tapertop topsheet to minimize added weight from snow buildup, the Armada Tracer 88 Skis travel swiftly and efficiently uphill while the EST All-Mtn Rocker provides versatile performance on the journey down. Enter into the realm of ultralight alpine touring with the original freeski company by mounting up the all-new Armada Tracer 88 Skis.
Armada Triple J
The next generation of powder-loving, freeride rippers deserves a ski that won't hold them back, which is precisely why the Armada Triple J Skis came to fruition. Matching the footprint of their ever-popular big brother (the JJ 2.0s), these skis give growing riders a weapon they can take full advantage of on powder days, from cliff-dropping confidence to bombing blower, all with a huge grin on their face.
Armada TST
There's no reason why your everyday ski shouldn't be able to hang in even the deepest of conditions. Perfect for those sneaker storm days, and sunny hardpack days that follow, the Armada TST Skis represent the new breed of everyday skis. Featuring an aggressive, oversized and tapered tip, manageable 102 mm waist (at 183 cm), and traditional tail, the Armada TST Skis plane in deep snow, lay trenches on hardpack, and navigate tight alpine trees like it ain't no thang.
Armada TSTW
Conquer any and all conditions with grace and grit on the Armada TSTw Skis. Constructed with tip rocker and no tail rocker, you get the float you want in the soft stuff without sacrificing drive and stability on the rest of the mountain. They also feature Armada s Hybrid Ultra-Light core for maximum maneuverability. From chasing powder stashes in the trees, to cutting through the crud in the backbowls, to carving up the corduroy on a blue bird day-- the Armada TSTw Skis are happy to do it all. Charge hard and feel confident knowing you've got a true all mountain ski at your feet.
Armada Victa 83
As either a daily driver in the East or a down-day ripper out West, the Armada Victa 83 Skis are balanced and forgiving in all terrain. These skis are perfectly suited for progressing skiers looking to explore more and more of what the mountain has to offer. Boasting a premium carbon-kevlar construction and super-fast Comp series base, the Armada Victa 83 Skis will boost your riding every time you take 'em for a spin.
Armada Victa 93
Smooth and versatile, the Armada Victa 93 Skis were born to open the door to the entire mountain. From crud to groomers to freshies, the Victa 93s are a ski that riders of virtually any skill level will appreciate. Shaped with a rockered nose and camber underfoot, these skis give you a reliable edge that'll spring you into and out of turns with the prowess to navigate upper mountain pow to lower mountain chunder with ease. The Armada Victa 93 Skis are your new daily driver!
Armada Victa 97 TI
Answering the industry-wide call for a high-performance all-mountain women's ski, we introduce the new Armada Victa 97 Ti Skis. Designed to conquer any line, these sliding sticks feature two sheets of Titanal and carbon-Kelvar® struts for a stiff, damp feel that will power through chunky crud and mank. Combined with the versatility of a 97mm waist and an AR Nose Rocker profile, the Armada Victa 97 Ti Skis give you everything you need to rail down groomers, power through chunder, and ski that off-piste refresh. Click in and own the mountain!
Armada VJJ 2.0
Whether you're playing in the soft stuff or skiing a mixed bag line from summit to base camp,, you'll be miles ahead of the competition with the Armada VJJ 2.0 Skis in your quiver. Featuring rockered tips and tails with positive camber underfoot, the Armada VJJ 2.0 Skis create just the ride amount of float on powder days, while still holding an edge on-piste. Add in an ultralight wood core for added maneuverability and Armada s patented 5 dimensional sidecut and you've got yourself one of the hardest charging women's skis in the game.
Atomic Backland 102 FR W
Ideal as a dual-purpose backcountry/all-mountain setup, the Atomic Backland FR 102 W Skis feature a lightweight wood core combined with a carbon backbone and solid stepdown sidewalls that put a priority on soft-snow performance. Ride inbounds pow in the morning and enjoy a tour out the backcountry gate in the afternoon with ease thanks to the Atomic Backland FR 102 W Skis!
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