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Plaine's Snow Sports Bonus Package

  • FREE MOUNTING on all Ski & Binding Packages ($59 value).
  • Unlimited FREE TUNE-UP's for a year. ($240 value).
  • Plaine's exclusive PERFORMANCE & FIT GUARANTEE.
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K2 Ashen
Resort days are just plain fun, and the K2 Ashen offers a lightweight, customizable fit that makes sure they stay that way. This boot has an easy-to-adjust Boa® Coiler lacing system and Intuition® liners that have proven themselves time and time again to provide all-day comfort. Features: Intuition™ Comfort Foam 3D Liner, K2 Fast-In Liner Lacing, Phy Light Outsole, 3D Formed Dual Density EVA Footbed, Articulating Cuff, Internal & External J Bars Color: Grey, Black Size: 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14, 15
K2 Aspect
We know how important happy toes are, especially in the backcountry. The K2 Aspect snowboard-mountaineering boot is equipped for truly versatile alpine adventuring with a crampon-compatible Vibram® sole that packs plenty of grip for climbing. A reliable Boa®Conda liner system allows you to customize your fit, and the Aspect’s tough leather upper will stand the test of time, season after season. Features: Vibram® Mountaineer Outsole, Boa®Conda™ Liner Lacing, Leather Upper, Intuition® Pro Foam 3D Liner, Internal & External J Bars, Spaceheater™ Panels, 3D Formed Dual Density EVA Footbed Color: Black Size: 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13
K2 Bottle Rocket
The Bottle Rocket takes modern freestyle by the horns. K2 has accessed pockets of untapped creativity by throwing out convention – we cut 3-5 cm from your standard board length, increased waist width, and flattened the tip and tail of this true twin shape to deliver better float, surfy maneuverability, and more precise cord-carving. Its clean Freestyle Baseline™ is versatile, with just enough rocker in the tip and tail to give you both a buttery feel and immediate, energetic responsiveness. The all-new K2 Bottle Rocket is a celebration of continuous fun. Features: Freestyle Baseline™, Volume Shift™, ICG Glass™, Carbon Web™, True Twin Outline, 259mm Waist Width (152cm), Centered Stance, 3-5cm shorter than your standard board length Size: 144, 148, 152, 156, 160
K2 Bright Lite
When the lights power up for a chilly night sesh, you’re going to be one of the few still running laps on the revamped K2 Bright Lite. This board was designed by the women of the K2 Snowboarding Alliance to take on unlimited all-day snow days. We’ve redistributed the volume in our signature Rhythm Core™ for less swing weight and more play time, and our patented Hybritech™ construction consistently delivers light, smooth turns and long-lasting durability. The K2 Bright Lite’s All-Terrain Baseline™ rocker makes each run feel fresh, from first chair to last call. Features: All-Terrain Baseline™, Rhythm Core™, Hybritech™ Construction, Twin Tip Outline, 241mm Waist Width (146cm), Setback Stance - 3/4" (19mm) Size: 138, 142, 146, 149, 151, 154
K2 Carve Air
The K2 Enjoyers just earned their Masters in Advanced Partyboarding, and the Carve Air is the radical fruit of their labors. Revolutionary Volume Shift™ tech has unlocked surfier maneuverability than previously possible, and our Precision Lifted Baseline™ brings boarders to entirely unprecedented levels of pop. Raising the flat, ride-able surface between tip and tail gives the Carve Air the energy of a camber board without sacrificing the precision and straight tracking achieved with flat camber underfoot. A K2 carbon Ollie Bar™ and edgy tip and tail design are bringing the party – don’t miss it. Features: Precision Lifted Baseline™, Volume Shift™, Tweekend™, Ollie Bar™, Directional Outline, 261mm Waist Width (154cm), 5-7cm shorter than your standard board length Size: 149, 154
K2 Cassette
Strap on the K2 Cassette binding for freestyle jams that’ll take you all over the mountain with style. This A-Line™ chassis was designed in collaboration with the K2 Snowboarding Alliance to deliver lightweight power and comfort, and its seamless EVA footbed will keep you on your feet all day. Strap System: Two Strap Highback: Tweekback Riding Style: Outsiders Features: Tweekback™, Aline™ Chassis, Seamless Footbed Color: Pink, Black Size: M, L
K2 Charm
With style and graceful progression, the K2 Charm is a women’s-specific all-mountain freestyle binding that’s focused on good times. With the strength of our lightweight A-Line™ chassis plus the comfort of Caddi™ straps and a seamless footbed, the Charm is the wing-woman you’ve been looking for on the hill. Strap System: Two Strap Highback: Regular Riding Style: Outsiders Features: Aline™ Chassis, Caddi™ Straps, Seamless Footbed Color: Frost, Black Size: S, M, L
K2 Cinch TC
The most laid-back of the bindings in our new Cinch™ trio, the K2 Cinch TC is best for those who want easy-going connection. A simple, lightweight nylon chassis and tool-less adjustments make the Cinch TC a no-brainer if you’re looking for no-nonsense, all-mountain versatility. Strap System: Cinch Highback: Regular Riding Style: Outsiders Features: Cinch™ Technology, Canted Footbed, Caddi™ Ankle Strap Color: Black Size: M, L, XL
K2 Cinch Tryst
Dominant performance with ease-of-use provided by our brand-new Cinch™ Technology, the Cinch Tryst is K2’s well-rounded, all-mountain binding for lady shredders who want to spend less time fumbling with straps and more time stomping lines. Strap System: Cinch Riding Style: Outsiders Features: Tripod™ Chassis, Canted Footbed, Cinch™ Technology Color: Water, Black Size: M, L
K2 Cinch TS
The Cinch TS is a versatile, all-mountain binding revamped with new K2 Cinch™ technology, which means fast and easy operation so you can beat your buddies to the stash. Cinch™ straps add ease-of-use to the natural flex and mobility of our Tripod™ chassis. Check out the Cinch TX to attack the alpine, or the Cinch TS for all-around resort performance and fun. Strap System: Cinch Highback: Regular Riding Style: Outsiders Features: Tripod™ Chassis, Cinch™ Technology, Canted Footbed Color: Blue, Canyon, Black Size: M, L, XL
K2 Cinch TX
K2’s all-new Cinch™ Technology allows for top-level durability, now with the speed and ease that blow away the competition. The Cinch TX is our highest-performing Cinch™ binding, built with an anatomically correct chassis, light and supportive Opti™ highback, and Ultra RADchet™ – single arm design constructed with ultra-light T6061 aluminum. Strap System: Cinch Highback: Regular Riding Style: Alpine Attack Features: Tripod™ Chassis, Cinch AT Opti™ Highback, Cinch™ Technology Color: Black Size: M, L, XL
K2 Contour
Every foot deserves the top-level comfort that the K2 Contour brings to the hill. An adjustable Boa®Conda tightening system pulls together this medium-flex boot that offers fresh, go-anywhere versatility, brought to you by the K2 Snowboarding Alliance. Features: H3 Boa® Coiler Lacing System, Articulating Flex Zone, Intuition™ Comfort Foam 3D Liner, Boa®Conda™ Liner Lacing, Internal & External J Bars, 3D Formed EVA Footbed, Vibram® Pro-Light Outsole Color: Putty, Black Size: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10
K2 Cool Bean
The purpose of life? Enjoy it – that’s the Cool Bean’s philosophy. The K2 Enjoyers believe we’ve just scratched the surface of what’s possible on a snowboard, and the Cool Bean’s Volume Shift™ is one big step forward: shorter, wider, and with an innovative swallow-like tail. These attributes give the K2 Cool Bean a surf-inspired flow, glide on all types of snow and effortless glory on the groomers. We’ve amped the K2 All-Terrain Baseline™ construction with Tweekend™ tips, extending the rocker to the very ends of the board for even more float. Features: All-Terrain Baseline™, Volume Shift™, Tweekend™, Swallow Tail, Directional Outline, 20mm Taper, 287mm Waist Width (144cm), 10-15cm shorter than your standard board length Size: 138, 150
K2 Darko
A staple in the K2 men’s boot collection, the Darko conquers street, park, and all-mountain freestyle riding with lightweight ease and surefooted grip. The K2 Darko’s classic streetwear style has both a customizable tightening system and an Intuition® Comfort Foam liner – gone are the days of park sessions cut short by unhappy feet. Features: Boa®Conda™ Liner Lacing, Intuition™ Control Foam 3D Liner, NEW Street-Lite Outsole, 3D Formed EVA Footbed, Moldable Internal J Bars, Velcro Pod Closure, 3D Formed Tongue, Micro Articulating Cuff Color: Crimson, Navy, Black Size: 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13
K2 Eighty Seven
In 1987, K2 rallied the most innovative and fun-seeking snowboarders to help revolutionize the sport. The Eighty Seven is our tribute to the legends that got us to where we are today, and our commitment to enjoying life even more tomorrow. The Eighty Seven takes timeless surf vibes all over the mountain with its traditional camber and all-terrain rocker combo, durable Bambooyah™ core, and Carbon Web™ II engineering. Combine that with our new Volume Shift™ tech and you get tons of energy, torsional strength, and maneuverability. Get back to your roots on the K2 Eighty Seven. Features: AT Shifted Camber Baseline™, Volume Shift™, Bambooyah™ Blend, Carbon Web™ II, Directional Outline, 10mm Taper, 262mm Waist Width (155cm), 5-7cm shorter than your standard board length Size: 150, 155, 160
K2 Ender
The boot to end all freestyle snowboard boots, the K2 Ender has been updated this season with 100% urethane ENDO™ construction and an articulating cuff for easily-accessible range of motion without sacrificing support. Let K2’s Harshmellow™ tech absorb hard landings so you can just keep sending it in the Ender boot. Features: ENDO™ Construction, Boa®Conda™ Liner Lacing, Intuition™ Pro Foam 3D Liner, Standard Lace System, Internal & External J Bars, Articulating Cuff, 3D Formed Dual Density EVA Footbed Color: Graphite Size: 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13
K2 Estate
New to K2’s women’s boot collection, the Estate brings luxury to the search for your next favorite line. Intuition®’s Spaceheater™ liner features reflective heat panels that’ll keep your toes warm and dry, and paired with an adjustably-snug Boa® liner system gives the K2 Estate that customized fit and heel hold you’ve been looking for. Features: ENDO™ Construction, H3 Boa® Coiler Lacing System, Articulating Flex Zone, Intuition™ Pro Foam 3D Liner, Boa®Conda™ Liner Lacing, Internal & External J Bars, 3D Formed Dual Density EVA Footbed, NEW Vibram® V4 Outsole Color: Black Size: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10
K2 Fastplant
Hard-hitting. Durable. Super fun. K2 built the Fastplant with season after season of park parties in mind. We’ve equipped this board with a full-force Bambooyah™ core – that’s the one that comes with a 5-year warranty. Using the fastest natural base material available, the K2 Fastplant is exceptionally durable and deeply absorbs wax to hold top performance even longer. A carbon-powered mid-section for extra ollie power and Freestyle Baseline™ with blended Tweekend™ tip and tail give this true twin snowboard ultra-smooth tracking and press-ability. Features: Freestyle Baseline™, Bambooyah™ Blend, Tweekend™, Ollie Bar™, Inked Glass™, True Twin Outline, 252mm Waist Width (157cm), Centered Stance Size: 151, 154, 157, 160
K2 Fastplant Grom
The Fastplant Grom was built for the next generation of rippers who are already pushing full-size freestyle progression. Our ultra-durable and easily-repairable Sintered Base reinforces our playful-yet-precise Freestyle Baseline™ construction, complete with new Tweekend™ tip and tail that deliver smooth rocker predictability. Features: Freestyle Baseline™, Tweekend™ Rocker, Sintered Base Size: 138, 142, 146
K2 First Lite
You’ll never forget the first day you finally got your act together and picked up a snowboard – just make sure it’s the K2 First Lite. This full wood core delivers feel-good flex and board feel, and our Catch-Free Baseline™ will initiate turns with ease. It’s the perfect platform for quick progression, and the most playful board in our women’s collection. We’ve reinforced this classic twin tip outline with K2-patented Hybritech™ construction so you have the lightweight glide and durability you need to keep progressing day after day. Features: Catch-Free Baseline™, Hybritech™ Construction, Full Wood Core, Twin Tip Outline, 241mm Waist Width (146cm), Setback Stance - 3/4" (19mm) Size: 138, 142, 146, 150, 154
K2 Formula
A tough, lightweight chassis, seamless EVA footbed, and all-new Custom Caddi™ strap with comfortable and durable Neoprene makes the perfect Formula for solid performance all over the mountain. The K2 Formula is a versatile men’s binding with adjustable forward lean and direct heelside support – seamless and easy to use. Strap System: Two Strap Highback: Regular Riding Style: Outsiders Features: Airlock™ Technology, Canted Footbed, Pro-Fusion™ GF Chassis Color: Autumn Red, Olive, Black Size: M, L, XL
K2 Happy Hour
It all started with Happy Hour five years ago! The K2 Happy Hour has the active feel of true camber in a unique, grabby stabby freestyle twin shape. A Precision Lifted Baseline™ with smooth, Tweekend™ tips that pull the rocker all the way to the ends of the board brings predictability and better float to historically – and seriously – fun freestyle performance. Get started on the board that started it all. Features: Precision Lifted Baseline™, Tweekend™, Ollie Bar™, Grabby Stabby Twin Outline, 251mm Waist Width (157cm), Centered Stance Size: 151, 154, 157, 159
K2 Haven
A Haven for toes wrecked by too-tight snowboarding boots, the K2 Haven offers stress-free adjustments thanks to reliable Boa® Coiler lacing and Fast-In™ liner lacing that’s easy to repair and adjust. Both lock-in all-day comfort, putting the “free” in “freestyle.” Features: Articulating Flex Zone, H3 Boa® Coiler Lacing System, Intuition™ Comfort Foam 3D Liner, K2 Fast-In Liner Lacing, External J Bars, External AEPE Cage, Die Cut EVA Footbed, Rubber Light Outsole Color: Camo, Grey, Black Size: 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11
K2 Hue
What’s your favorite Hue? Ours is this all-mountain freestyle binding built for women who aren’t confined to one riding style. The K2 Hue has a comfortable and natural flex using our Tripod™ chassis; add a lightweight, high-performing Eclipse™ highback construction and this binding earns the K2 Snowboarding Alliance stamp of approval. Strap System: Two Strap Highback: Tweekback Riding Style: Alpine Attack Features: Tripod™ Chassis, Eclipse™ Highback, Perfect Fit™ Toe Strap Color: Copper, Black Size: M
K2 Hurrithane
The K2 Hurrithane is a men’s freestyle binding that won’t quit before wrecking all of your personal park bests. Tweakback™ tech and freestyle highback construction provide a softer flex without sacrificing support, and our Airlock™ forward lean adjustment cuts back on bulky weight that keeps you from stomping like Chris Beresford, the man behind the Hurrithane. Strap System: Two Strap Highback: Tweekback Riding Style: Freestyle Features: Tweekback™ FS Highback, Airlock™ Technology, Canted Footbed Color: Ale, Tide, Black Size: M, L, XL
K2 Indy Binding
Our go-to all-around binding for solid geometry and versatility, the K2 Indy’s trusty RockLock™ highback and tool-less adjustment capabilities will never say no to one more run. Its wider, tapered ladder opening allows you to feed straps easily, even with gloves on. The Indy proves that high performance and style don’t have to cost a fortune. Strap System: Two Strap Highback: Regular Riding Style: Outsiders Features: Airlock™ Technology, Pro-Fusion™ Chassis, Custom Caddi™ Ankle Strap Color: Liberty Blue, Black Size: M, L, XL
K2 Joy Driver
The sharpest tool for the shred, the K2 Joy Driver is the brainchild of K2 pro Lucas DeBari. This deck uses Inked Glass™ – a breakthrough in graphic processing that’s years in the making and shaves 10% off the entire board weight. The Joy Driver’s Bambooyah™ core is so durable we’ve slapped a 5-year warranty on it, and the construction is dialed to deliver both the versatility of all-terrain rocker with the liveliness of traditional camber in one final, top-notch product. Features: AT Shifted Camber Baseline™, Bambooyah™, Athlete co-designed, Inked Glass™, Directional Outline, Setback Stance - 3/4' (19mm), 250mm Waist Width (159cm) Size: 156, 159, 162, 165
K2 Kandi
Whether your grom is just starting out or quickly learning to lead the pack, the K2 Kandi is the perfect stick. Just like the boys’ Vandal, the Kandi uses a blend of Catch-Free and Freestyle Baseline™ constructions, a fast and easy-to-repair extruded base, and a true twin shape that promotes progressive carving on corduroy. Be sure to check out our corresponding K2 Kat boot and binding to tie it all together! Features: Freestyle Baseline™, True Twin Shape, 2000 Extruded Base Size: 129, 134, 137, 141
K2 Kat Binding
The kids' K2 Kat binding is the perfect fit for our girls’ Kandi snowboard with a ProFusion™ chassis that packs lightweight power for faster, more controlled carving. K2 Grows-A-Long™ adjustments assure that the Kat binding grows with your grom from season to season. Strap System: Two Strap Highback: Tweekback Features: Groms Tweekback, Tool-Less Universal Straps Color: Berry Size: M
K2 Kat Boots
The K2 Kat Boa boot was designed to fit flawlessly in the Kat bindings and set your girl up for resort royalty. Getting ready to go has never been easier, thanks to this boot’s Boa® lacing system, and our signature Grows-A-Long footbed will ensure that you’re not buying a brand-new set-up every season that you’re young Kat progresses. Features: Articulating Cuff, Kids Boa® Lacing, Intuition™ Comfort Foam STD EVA Liner, Internal J Bars, Die Cut EVA Footbed, Grows-A-Long™ Shims, Bright Future Outsole Color: Black Size: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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