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Salomon R 20

Salomon R 20
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Salomon's R20 is a lightweight training pole with a 20% carbon shaft. Featuring an EVA grip and Powerstrap, it delivers all the comfort and support needed for skiers to advance their Nordic skiing skills.

- These poles' EVA grip increases skiers' comfort by dampening shocks during long sessions.

- The wide, hand-embracing power strap provides better support and higher power transfer.

- The shaft, made of 20% carbon and 80% glass fiber, is light and sturdy.


20 % Carbon 16/9
A 20% carbon shaft with a 16mm diameter at the top that tapers down to 9mm near the tip.

The Eva Grip with foam on the handle guarantees a more comfortable grip during your Nordic escapes.

Powerstrap 2
Made with reinforced and stiffer materials for durability, this easily adjustable strap offers precise fitting for optimum power transmission.

Racing M
A medium aerodynamic basket that provides a good level of support in all kinds of snow. The perfect fit for shafts with a 9mm diameter tip.

This Tungsten tip is very hard, allowing for good adhesion in all snow conditions and offering high wear resistance.